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Grazia Magazine: South Africa

Randy Luna

One of my dreams has been to tour the world and to visit Africa. Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling down my instagram feed only to see the beautiful Amina Ayinde had been interviewed for South African Grazia magazine and was wearing one of my accessories in the image to accompany the interview. 

  We never know how far a picture will go and it never ceases to amaze me how one project can keep giving so many rewards and can unexpectedly turn into another goal. This concept of working together to achieve more is so important to me, which is why I continue to use the hashtag #teamworkmakesthedreamwork. I have always believed in the power of 'We' and not 'I'. I have learned to let go of people and working relationships where the focus is on the individual. I love the sense of community and harmony that surrounds a group who care for each other and work together in order to achieve beautiful and brilliant things. It takes a village, an entire community to make dreams come true and those people out there who think they can achieve it all alone are sadly mistaken. I am so grateful to all of those who have worked with me to help achieve the success that Randy Luna is receiving; for me it is a real group effort and I am so deeply grateful to everyone who has been part of the journey so far. I will also continue to work alongside others in order to help them fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. There is so much more to this world than just 'I' and learning to stay away from those who invest so much in themselves has been vital to my sense of happiness as well as my success. It's the relationships and connections that make the world so rich, varied and meaningful and I am deeply grateful to the relationships that I continue to have.

  Check out the Amina Ayinde interview. In the interview the Nigerian-born model and actress discusses God and religion, happiness and dancing. It is an exquisite portrayal of her beautiful spirit as well as her outer beauty. 

  The image was shot last December. I was contacted by the stylist Crystal Ivy London whom I've worked with before. It was on this shoot that I met photographer Shamayim and this was the start of a number of projects that we have completed together. My latest project with Shamayim is for the Merkaba Issue of Seven tribes Magazine which will be out this August. Our creations feature in three editorial stories.