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New Bracelet Collection: Timeless

Randy Luna


  I am delighted to be able to unveil my latest collection of accessories. The new bracelet collection features striking bands forged from leather, metal and pendant. This union of materials has resulted in a highly wearable collection of statement jewelry that will certainly ensure you get attention. In fact, just a matter of days after our photoshoot these fresh designs caught the attention of Open Fly Magazine who published our exclusive new photos just a week after the shoot! 

  I opted for five distinct colors of leather in these designs to give you the ultimate choice. Whether you are drawn to one specific color, decide to invest in several to match a variety of outfits or decide for the more daring option of wearing several at once in the most expressive and dramatic interpretation. The interior and exterior of each band is made of the most tactile leather and the colors that I have selected are Black, Bronze, Olive, Play in the Sand and Maroon. As a color palette they play off one another, each shade brings out the personality of the others and they beg to be worn as a collection.

  The collection was shot on Mother's Day, which seemed apt as the concept of 'Life' sits right at the core of Randy Luna and this collection is going to be the very first collection to be sold on our new website. Little did I know that they would be published just a week later on Sunday May 17th in Open Fly Magazine.

  The collection was shot on a friend's rooftop in NYC, overlooked by the Empire State Building. The views were incredible and the location really helped spark the creativity. 

  The images from the shoot are steeped in drama and theater which resonates with my own creative background, as well as drawing on the inspiration behind my pieces. The models interpreted a variety of concepts from strength and conflict, to tenderness and connection. The stark contrast between ebony black and porcelain white created the perfect canvas to express the collection. 

  There is a regal quality to strong bare torsos adorned with striking accessories bound in leather with metal and pendant detail. This resonates with Randy Luna, expressing the majestic roots and the connotation of power. The dynamic union between the models, the fusion of materials that combine to make each bracelet and the mesh of influences at the core of each of my designs all have a synergy that feels so right to me.