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Unfashion Magazine “The Book of Life” No.1

Randy Luna

When people ask me what I do, I can never answer with just one classification. I am as much a stylist, as I am a designer. I am also immensely passionate about my work as a creative director and teaching artist. Above all, I'm an artist. My background in theater and dance, is still such a vital part of who I am and how I express myself. It was a real honor to feature in the first edition of Unfashion Magazine's Book of Life. Not only did it mean that I could contribute to such a chic, stylish, edgy and fresh publication but it also meant that I could combine my profession interests as a designer and a stylist. This is the third magazine this year in which I have been able to display both facets of my creativity and it goes to show that it pays to go against the constraints of society. Growing up I felt the constant pressure to choose one passion, one path, one way; recent accomplishments have made me believe more than ever in the importance of combining your skills and letting all of your passions shine. Often these passions can work together in the most beautiful and satisfying ways. 

  The story was called 'Danger Zone' and was selected as Editor's Pick from all of the magazine content. It featured our brand new collection of bracelets "Timeless" and is the second magazine feature to cover this collection before it was available to customers. 

  As well as highlighting the "Timeless" collection, the article exhibits some of my wardrobe designs. Many people still see Randy Luna as an accessories company, because we have such a full range of accessories and jewelry designs. However, our leather Harem pants are an example of the diversity of our designs. People have already fallen in love with these pants and we plan to have them available this fall. 

  One of the main accessories to feature in the 'Danger Zone' story is a very special piece from my Avant Garde collection. 'Skeletons of Addiction' is a very personal piece, it reflects the many facets of people's addictions which seems more pertinent in this business than any. It also reflects experiences from my own personal life. Like any art form, where the truest and most honest form of expression comes from real experience and emotion, my designs resonate with stories from my own personal journey. The arts have been a real escape for me, allowing me freedom from immense difficulties at home. This particular design came from a time in my life when I was experiencing real darkness at home from a loved one; physical threats, suicide notes and attempts, drug intake and the heartbreaking decay of a human soul became a daily reality and design was my escape from it all. 'Skeletons of Addiction' emerged during this time and combines aesthetic beauty with a heartfelt emotional core, for me it is a deep and honest portrayal of a painfully human condition. It is one that echoes back to my childhood, where I was devastatingly aware of the family cycle of alcohol addiction. An experience that I have battled on a daily basis, since my childhood.

   I was delighted to have such a personal piece exhibited in the magazine. Something that highlights my expressive and emotional artistry, as well as my aesthetic design qualities. A story that embraced who I am; as a designer, a stylist, an artist and a survivor.