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Designer Randy Luna



Randy Luna is the creativity, drive and heart behind the stunning line of jewelry and accessories. Growing up in New York City’s Lower East Side, Luna was surrounded by nothing but beauty and life in the form of his grandmother and doting aunts. Being raised by a single mother with a passion for exquisite clothes and a distinct sense of style meant a young Randy would accompany his mother each week as she visited her seamstress neighbor to discuss fabric choices and designs. This is how Luna’s love of fashion, design and beauty was instilled in him, and was the opening act for what is now a growing business.

A strong artistic background combined with a love of fashion means Luna’s designs are vivid and vibrant, each piece is a full expression of life. Luna’s first step into the world of fashion was through his dance group who tirelessly toured the NYC scene and gave him the chance for visual expression and to combine movement and powerful imagery with clothes design. Randy Luna identified that fashion for men tends to be limited and unimaginative, and this motivated him to craft a range that is accessible and unisex.

Each piece makes an aesthetic impact as well as weaving intricate tales of humanity. The inspiration behind each piece, the design element, and it's individuality is beautifully considered. By drawing concepts from Greek mythology, vintage fashion, The Renaissance, Gods and Goddesses and Ancient Egypt, Randy Luna fuses contemporary styling with historic elegance.

Luna’s immense background in theater and performance means that each design is dramatic, exhilarating, and theatrical. Luna designs for people who are independent, courageous and confident. People actually become the art when they adorn themselves with his work, rather than simply wearing it. 

Luna sees beauty everywhere, he is constantly studying architecture and structure, connecting with nature and studying the beauty of movement as a form of expression, fascinated by how gesture alone can convey a thousand thoughts. He draws this love of line and motion that only a dancer can truly capture into each of his designs with startling fluidity. Luna celebrates life in everything that he does, and this powerful emotion shimmers through each design. Randy Luna has become one with the brand, with beautiful synergy, the connection is sincere and breath-taking.