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Available at Olde Sanctuary, Soho

Randy Luna

  I am delighted to inform you that a carefully chosen selection of accessories by Randy Luna are now available at the beautiful Olde Sanctuary store in Soho. 

  I am so happy to have built a business relationship with such a charming and stylish store, and store owner Emalynne Brushey who has generously let me pull for editorials and magazine shoots when styling. Emalynne is a stylist herself, having worked with some renowned clients such as Dita Von Teese. This eye for detail really shines through in her beautifully displayed wares and the variety of exquisite produce that she sells. 

  The Randy Luna collection of accessories really fits in well with the overall vibe and feeling of Soho. Soho is brimming with art galleries and creative boutiques, and it is an absolute thrill to be part of this vibrant and exciting scene. The Olde Sanctuary Vintage Shop is situated at the lower level of The NYC Market in Soho, which has been dubbed The Underground and is full of left-field, artistic, independent shops and quirky boutiques. 

  26 different accessories from Randy Luna are available at the shop, including a number of custom-made one-of-a-kind designs. You can find a selection of rings, my brand new bracelet collection, an array of cuffs and my statement necklace Sea The #ARTIFACT, all beautifully displayed in store amongst the collections of other designers.

  The brand new bracelet collection comprises of a selection of handsome leather bound gold cuffs with majestic pendant details and subtle glimmers of antique gold. They are being sold at The Olde Sanctuary before being available on our new website, which gives you even more reason to check out this exciting and unique store. 

  Emalynne has created an absolute treasure trove of art, expression and style. Anyone with an appreciation for the aesthetic and their own strong sense of individuality will love the range of attractive vintage clothing, beautifully original accessories and artistic designer jewelry. 

Olde Sanctuary
Vintage. Style. Authentic Goods.
The Market Place NYC
159 Bleecker St. NYC
Hrs: Weds – Sun 12 -8pm, Sat 11 – 8pm